About the Connellan Airways Trust

EJ ConnellanThe Trust was the brainchild of E J Connellan (EJ) who established Connellan Airways in 1939. This Territorian pioneer, aviator and pastoralist convinced the shareholders of Connellan Airways that a substantial portion of the proceeds of the sale of the airline should be applied to the establishment of a Trust. Due to the generosity of many and the efforts of EJ Connellan, the Trust was established in June 1981.

The Trust was established to commemorate all those who have lived and worked in the Outback and suffered the privations and the remoteness of the Outback.

The Trust is administered by a company with a Board of Directors whose services are honorary, yet another example of the community spirit that EJ excited. The duties of the Directors are to nurture the assets of the Trust and to assess funding applications to the Trust against the objectives of the Deed.

The VISION of the Trust is to improve social and economic outcomes for people living in Outback Australia.

The OBJECTIVES of the Trust are:
Since its inception over $3 million has been distributed in grants.

The Trust remains focused on helping people living back of beyond, not only maintaining but also expanding its activities and thereby enhancing its contribution to residents of the Outback.