Roger Connellan Award Conditions

  1. AIM: The Roger Connellan Award gives the opportunity, by the provision of financial support, to people living in Outback Australia for professional development in an aviation related field excluding initial licensing.
    The award will be made to an exceptional applicant for further qualifications and professional development programs in a recognised professional aviation field e.g. fixed wing, rotary, balloon, airship, RPAS (remotely piloted aircraft system).
  2. TIMELINE: Applications open on June 1 and close on July 15 of each year. The Trust’s decision will be notified to applicants by September 30 each year.
  3. APPLICATIONS: All Application and Acquittal forms can be downloaded as a ‘Word’ document from the Trust website and filled in and uploaded with attachments online, or posted to the Executive Officer at P.O. Box 749, Williamstown, South Australia 5351.
  4. ELIGIBILITY: Grants can only be made to those who live on stations or in small settlements in Outback Australia, or residents of larger outback centres of Australia who provide assistance to those described above.
    •    Applicants are required to have obtained an initial licence equivalent to a private fixed wing licence. Merit is the primary criterion, based on both past and demonstrated ability for future achievement in any endeavour acceptable to the Connellan Airways Trust.
    •    Awards can only be given to Australian Nationals and permanent residents of Australia.
  5. CONTRACT: The awardee will enter into a contract with the Trust which includes these conditions and any others required by the Trust.
  6. CONTRIBUTION: An awardee is expected to make a financial contribution to the program of 30% of the total estimated expenses. The Board, in special circumstances, will consider a variation to the awardee’s contribution.
  7. LIABILITY: The liability of the Trust for an award will be limited to the amount defined when the award is offered.
  8. INSURANCE: An awardee will be responsible for insurance cover, if required, during the period of the Award.
  9. EXTENSION OF AWARD: If an awardee’s circumstances change the Trust may grant an extension of the stated period of the award.
  10. TERMINATION OF AWARD: The Trust may suspend or terminate an award:
    •    on request from an awardee;
    •    following unsatisfactory performance reports;
    •    on failure to observe award conditions;
    •    if the awardee brings the Trust into disrepute through misconduct or illegal behaviour
  11. UNUSED FUNDS: Any award funding that cannot be utilised within the terms of the original application and award contract must be returned to the Trust.
  12. SERVICE TO THE OUTBACK: Applicants should satisfy the Trust that they intend to return to Outback Australia, or show how they intend to assist residents of such areas.
  13. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Applicants must use the attached application form and observe the preferred length for their answers. Additional information can be provided as attachments to the form.
  14. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF THE TRUST: All applicants are expected to take every opportunity to publicise and acknowledge the work of the Trust. Any written article describing the work of the Trust must be approved by the Executive Officer prior to publication.
  15. ACQUITTAL OF AWARD: The grant must be formally acquitted each year of the award. Documentation should include a brief report on activities and major areas of expenditure, promotion of the Trust and exam results if applicable.

For further information contact the Executive Officer of the Trust on 1800 733 810

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