Guidelines for an Individual Application

  1. AIM:  The aim of a grant to is to improve social and economic outcomes for people living in Outback Australia
  2. TIMELINE: Applications for grants are considered four times a year. Applications are to be received by the Executive Officer by the 15th of February, May, August and November each year. The Trust’s decision will be notified to applicants by the end of March, June, September and December each year.
  3. APPLICATIONS: All Application and Acquittal forms can be downloaded as a word document from the Trust website, filled in and uploaded with attachments online or emailed to the Executive Officer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  4. ELIGIBILITY: Grants can only be made to children and adults who live on stations or in small settlements in Outback Australia, or residents of the larger outback centres of Australia who provide assistance to those described above.  Grants can only be given to Australian Nationals and permanent residents of Australia.
  5. REQUIRED INFORMATION: Ensure sufficient information is provided to enable assessment of the application.  Although there is no means test applied to applications, preference will be given to those exhibiting the greatest need.
  6. DUPLICATION: The Trust generally will not duplicate the activities of other bodies, but may consider supplementing other sources of funding.
  7. PROFESSIONAL FUNDRAISING: The Trust doesn’t contribute to professional fundraisers and has a preference for direct aid to, or for the benefit of, individuals.
  8. CONTRACT:  The recipient of a grant is subject to the recipient agreeing to be bound by the conditions here expressed and such others required by the Trust.
  9. LIABILITY:  The liability of the Trust for a grant will be limited to the amount defined when the grant is offered.
  10. INSURANCE: A recipient will be responsible for insurance cover, if required, during the period of the Award.
  11. RETROSPECTIVE GRANTS: The Trust does not make retrospective grants, applications must be submitted in advance.
  12. EXTENSION OF GRANT:  If a recipient’s circumstances change the Trust may grant an extension of the stated period of the grant. 
  13. UNUSED FUNDS:  Any grant funding that cannot be utilised within the terms of the original application and grant contract must be returned to the Trust.
  14. TERMINATION OF A GRANT:  The Trust may suspend or terminate a grant:   
    a.    on request from the recipient;
    b.    following unsatisfactory performance reports;
    c.    on failure to observe grant conditions;
    d.    if the awardee brings the Trust into disrepute through misconduct or illegal behaviour
  15. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF THE TRUST: A recipient is expected to take every opportunity to publicise and acknowledge the work of the Trust.  Any written article describing the work of the Trust must be approved by the Executive Officer prior to publication.
  16. ACQUITTAL OF GRANT: Within 4 weeks of project completion the grant must be formally acquitted. Documentation should include receipts, a report, public acknowledgements and photos that can be published.
For further information contact the Executive Officer of the Trust on 1800 733 810.

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