2020 CAT-CQU Scholarships supporting remote scholars

Connellan Airways Trust is pleased to again be partnering with Central Queensland University (CQU) funding remote outback scholarships in 2020.

This year the Trust congratulates the following recipients of the 2020 CAT-CQU Scholarships: Jessica McDougall; Bachelor of Nursing, Philippa Rumble; Bachelor of Education (Primary), Helen Anderson; Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Emmily Vary; Bachelor of Nursing.

Residing in rural and remote locations across Australia these scholars are studying through a multitude of approaches. Distance education has become more prevalent over recent years, (and in some cases compulsory during the 2020 COVID19 Health Pandemic) increasing opportunities for further study for people living in remote places. The CAT-CQU Scholarships support outback students through some of the challenges they face due to location and enable recipients to focus on their education priorities throughout the year. Working together with CQU the Trust can create a greater impact on education and development in the outback.

Phillipa, who studies through a mixed-mode of online and in-person tutorials in a remote town in Western Australia, is in her third year of a Bachelor of Education.
“As a rural student, who travels 100 km each way to attend each tutorial or professional practice day, I had added travel costs to contend with. Receiving these Connellan Airways Trust scholarships has meant that I am able to attend my tutorials and professional practices," she said. 

Phillipa added “It’s important to add that the companies and people that provide CQUniversity scholarships are changing student lives. As a mother and member of my local school board, I know how hard it can be to find teachers that will invest, long term, in a rural or remote school. While it may sound silly, the scholarships have provided more than simply financial support; it has inspired me to prove I am a worthy investment to the scholarship donors. I feel that more than just the people I know, and love, believe in me and that is a powerful motivator,

These scholarships are one way the Trust continues its work to support those from the outback. Whilst knowing that recipients will experience the positive impact of the scholarship as individuals, the wider outback will continue to benefit into the future from the skills and knowledge that these recipients impart into their communities. This is what developing the outback looks like. The Trust looks forward to continuing to partner with CQU into the future to provide these outback scholarships.

If you or someone you know is interested in a scholarship (or perhaps other grants offered to rural and remote people by the Trust) visit our website www.connellanairwaystrust.org.au or call 1800 733 810.


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