Honorary Life Fellow Award - Congratulations Kaye Clapin

Recognising extra-ordinary, distinctive, long-term service to the Connellan Airways Trust.

Mr Mark Coffey, Chair of Connellan Airways Trust announces the presentation of the Honorary Life Fellow Award to Mrs Kaye Clapin. This Award recognises extraordinary, distinctive, long-term service to the Trust.

Kaye was presented the Award at a Connellan Airways Trust celebration this week after contributing to the Trust for some 17 years. Kaye was a Director of the Trust from 2002 until 2008. Following this Kaye provided exemplary services as the Executive Officer until her recent retirement in July 2019.

Mr Coffey said “Kaye’s involvement in the Trust has been key. Her passion, drive and dedication to people in isolated and rural Outback Australia has positively impacted so many people. Kaye contributed to the Trust with compassion and provided valued guidance having closely related to those served by the Trust having personal experience living and working in the outback.”

The work and passion of Kaye as the Executive Officer, and previously as a Director, has contributed to the Trust being in a strong position to continue providing support to people in Outback Australia.

The Honorary Life Fellow Award was established in 2008 to recognise extra-ordinary, distinctive, long-term service to the Connellan Airways Trust. Previous recipients have included Mr Chris Connellan, Mr Bob Lee, Mr Fred Hockley and Mr Max Horton. Connellan Airways Trust is a national Trust supporting people in isolated and rural Outback Australia. We aim to encourage development of individuals and families living on stations and in small rural communities with grants that make a difference.

The Trust congratulates Kaye for becoming an Honorary Life Fellow of the Connellan Airways Trust.

Kaye Clapin and Mark Coffey HLF web size

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