2020 E.J Connellan Award Open for Applications

Supporting Innovation, Education and Research in Outback Australia

The Chair of the Connellan Airways Trust Mr Mark Coffey announces the opening of the E.J. Connellan Award for 2020. The Award provides an opportunity for people living in isolated and rural Outback Australia to undertake study, research or invention that is not otherwise readily available to them due to location.

The Award provides financial support of up to $20,000 in two categories: Junior 16-25 years of age and Senior 26 years of age and over. There are no specific pre-requisites for prospective projects. Merit is the primary criterion, based on either past or demonstrated ability for future achievement in any endeavour acceptable to the Connellan Airways Trust.

The Award was established in 1988 in honour of the founder of the Trust, Northern Territory aviation pioneer, Eddie Connellan. Eddie was a man of strong and passionate character, with special abilities attuned to trail blazing. These qualities enabled him to overcome significant problems and to achieve much where others would have been daunted. Eddie was a successful pastoralist and a visionary businessman and played a prominent role in Central Australian affairs.

Applicants who exhibit the traditional spirit of Aussie Outback pioneers, which includes a healthy element of get up and go are encouraged to apply. Qualities associated with the late E J Connellan, particularly passion, endeavour, innovation and determination will be highly regarded.

Applications for the E. J. Connellan Award close on 31 January 2020

Application forms can be downloaded from the Connellan Airways Trust website

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