Max Skellern another CATCQU Scholarship winner is studying a Bachelor of Paramedic Science

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks at being the recipient of the 2018 Connellan Airways Trust Central Queensland University Scholarship. My name is Max Skellern and I have lived my entire life in the rural community of Tieri, a small mining town in the Central Highlands Region of QLD.

I am studying Bachelor of Paramedic Science and understand how vitally important emergency personnel are in rural/remote communities. I am forever grateful for the support my parents have given me while I am studying. Financially it has been an enormous strain on my parents, they can see how focused I am on my study and have supported me both financially and emotionally. My parents have gone without in order for me to be able to continue my study. Therefore, receiving this scholarship allows me to be able to continue my studies and put 100% effort and focus into my Paramedic Degree.

As a 3rd year Paramedic Science student I have a number of placements where I will have to travel to various places in Queensland with expenses for accommodation, food and fuel for several weeks. This scholarship allows me to be able to cover these necessary expenses and takes the worry out of paying for them. I am looking forward to upcoming placements in Proserpine and Townsville in Term 1.

Once again thank you for your generous donation, please know that I will continue to be committed and focused on my study and know that your assistance is greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to completing my degree and one day supporting the community as a qualified Paramedic and knowing that I will fulfil this goal due to your generous support.

Max Skellern

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