Ciarra Ryan says thank you for the CATCQU Scholarhsip

My name is Ciarra Ryan and I recently received an email to say that I was a successful applicant for the Connellan Airways Trust/Central Queensland University Scholarship for 2018 and wanted to extend my absolute greatest thanks and appreciation for supporting my studies as a student of Central Queensland University through the Geraldton University Centre.

I can’t begin to tell you the impact this scholarship will make to my life as I look forward to not having the financial stress when needing textbooks and being fulltime on prac for weeks at a time. I am an extremely giving person so to have someone give back to me in such a huge way is beyond belief, I am just so lucky and so very grateful to have such wonderful support behind me to one day hopefully make a difference within my community.

This year wasn’t looking good financially with the economic down fall which affected my job in hospitality as well as many other businesses locally. I did recently pick up casual work in a school on a relief basis which will hopefully allow me to keeping heading in the direction of my career whilst still studying. Having this scholarship will allow me to prioritise my studies and will support me over my final two years. It will also enable me to purchase some fantastic resources that I haven’t been able to in the past that I can use for both assignments and prac and then onto my teaching career. I am looking forward to giving this my all and committing everything to my studies to ensure that one day I will become a wonderful teacher.

Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for supporting myself and other rural students of CQU.

Ciarra Ryan